5 Simple Affirmations That Can Help You Lose Weight

Affirmations are things that you say to yourself each day that can empower yourself to do the things you dream of being and improve yourself. Affirmations can help you be more positive and confident. When you use affirmations alongside an actionable plan to lose weight and improve your life, they can be powerful things, giving you the encouragement that you need. You'll be that much stronger in your resolve when you don't have to rely on others to give you the motivation you need to continue your weight loss plan.

Affirmation #1: You Are Moving Forward in Life

One of the awesome things about losing weight is that it Is a challenge with a clear beginning, middle, and end. You are clearly moving your life forward in a very important way when you commit to losing a certain amount of weight. When you say this affirmation, you encourage yourself to keep the momentum going as you transform your body and ultimately your life.

Affirmation #2: You Love Your Body

Loving your body may be difficult in a society that constantly preaches that no body type is truly acceptable. Women and men are shamed no matter what their size may be. Try to think independently and search for the part of yourself that truly does love all that your body does for you each day. Try to love your body just as it is even while you are losing weight, and the weight loss journey will be easier to handle.

Affirmation #3: You Are Free to Create the Life You Want

As you lose weight, sometimes the going may be tougher on some days than it is on others. Ultimately, as you stick to your diet plan, you are creating the body that you want and the healthier lifestyle your body likely craves. Ultimately, you are proving yourself to be free to create the life you truly want, and this affirmation can help you keep that vision at the forefront of your mind.

Affirmation #4: Your Excess Weight Is Being Released for Good

Sometimes people try to bring down others who are losing weight. People who aren't changing themselves can find it uncomfortable to see others who are going for it. They may try to say that weight loss is temporary, but you should reaffirm what you know to be true for yourself. You are losing weight. Once you get it off, you can release the weight for good.

Affirmation #5: You Approve of Yourself

You have probably heard it said that it's not a good idea to seek out the approval of others, but everyone does it. Take control and take the fact that you approve of yourself to heart. You don't need others to let you know that you are doing a good job with your weight loss if you acknowledge it yourself.

Finally, keep in mind that affirmations are most effective when used as supplemental tools to a strong, medically approved weight loss plan. You need eat right and less often. You also need to exercise more. When you make the right choices about how you take care of your body, these affirmations can help you feel good about doing the right things. Before you know it, you can be well along on your weight loss journey.

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