Promote Healing And Reduce Discomfort After Injuring Your Lower Back

If you recently fell off of your bike while participating in a race and are suffering from lower back pain and swelling in and around the injured area, use the following tips to help promote healing and reduce discomfort.

Breathable Back Brace And Loose Clothing

A breathable back brace that is made out of lightweight fabric and that has adjustable bands secured to it can be worn underneath a variety of clothing styles and will not be conspicuous. A brace will help keep your back aligned and will prevent you from bending in an awkward manner, which could place additional strain on some of your muscles. A lightweight brace will not cause excessive sweating while it is worn and can be worn as needed.

Heating Pad And An Incline Pillow

Purchase a heating pad that is battery-operated and that can be recharged. A portable heating pad can be brought to any room in your home where you will be lying down or sitting and can be carried along with you during times that you are going to be away from home. Place the heating pad on whichever piece of furniture you would like to use. Elevate and support your head and neck and promote healthy blood flow by using an incline pillow.

Align the lower part of your back so that it rests evenly on the heating pad. Many heating pads contain battery packs that will last for several hours and come with a charging port so that you can recharge the battery pack as often as you would like. 

Chiropractic Massage And Pain Reducing Cream

A chiropractor can help reduce discomfort by massaging the painful area during each appointment that you have with them. During visits, a licensed practitioner will check the condition of your back to make sure that the portions that were injured are healing properly. X-rays may be taken if your condition doesn't improve or if healing is taking longer than expected.

The chiropractor who you have chosen may offer additional advice, which will help you remain as comfortable as possible while at home. For instance, they may recommend that you apply a topical cream to the affected area each day, which has been designed to reduce pain or inflammation. Cream may help reduce tension and swelling, allowing to rest in an easy manner. Continue seeing a chiropractor and following advice that has been provided by them for as long as they suggest in order to achieve the best results.