4 Ways To Possibly Lower Your Risk Of Skin Cancer

Most people know the basics of skin cancer prevention, but there is much more that you could possibly be doing to lower your chances of developing cancer. The simple act of avoiding certain elements, while embracing others, could help decrease your chances of having skin cancer. 

Spice Up Your Food

Parsley is more than just a way to add color to your meal. It can also help lower your chances of developing skin cancer. Apigenin is a substance that has been found to help prevent the development of skin cancer. The substance can be found in spices, such as parsley, and fruits and vegetables, including sweet potatoes. 

Reconsider Your ED Treatment

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is routinely treated with the use of drugs, such as sildenafil. Although researchers do not believe that the drug is directly responsible for an increased chance of developing skin cancer, it has been associated with a greater likelihood of being diagnosed with the disease. 

In one study, participants who used sildenafil were more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer than those who did not. 

Even though researchers have not established a direct connection with the medications, exploring more natural ways to treat ED should be considered. Your doctor can help you determine whether or not other options would be more beneficial to your health. 

Do Not Forget the Coffee

If you are a big coffee drinker, continuing to drink a daily cup can help lower your risk of developing skin cancer. In one study, participants who consumed coffee on a daily basis were less likely to develop skin cancer. The risk was lowered by up to 20 percent for people who drank four cups daily.

It is important to note that because coffee is a stimulant, consuming large amounts of it can lead to other problems, such as insomnia. Work with your doctor to find a healthy balance that still proves to be beneficial to you without causing any adverse reactions.

Watch Your Grapefruit Consumption

If you are used to consuming large amounts of grapefruit or orange juice, you could inadvertently be putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. One study found that people who drank large amounts of either juice were more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer. 

The risk is significant enough to discuss with your doctor. The juice drinking participants had a 36 percent higher risk of developing cancer. 

For other tips on avoiding skin cancer, talk to a professional like Henry E. Wiley, III, M.D.