3 Tips For Dressing For Your Mammogram

Whether you are preparing for your first mammogram or if you have had several, you might be a bit nervous and unsure of how to prepare. One thing to think about is how to dress for the day when you're having a mammogram done. These are three things to keep in mind when getting ready in the morning before your appointment.

1. Avoid Wearing Hygiene Products

First of all, you will want to avoid following your usual beauty routine on the day of your mammogram. If you normally put on deodorant and/or lotion, avoid applying either of these products near your breasts. In fact, you'll want to take a shower or bath before your appointment to get rid of any lingering products that you might have applied the day before. When doing so, avoid using a body wash or scrub that leaves behind an oily residue or a lot of fragrance, and instead choose a simple, gentle soap that you can wash away easily.

2. Choose a Comfortable Bra

There is a chance that your breasts will be a bit tender and sore after your mammogram. This means that you may not want to squeeze yourself into an uncomfortable, tight-fitting bra after the procedure. Instead, choose a comfortable, properly fitting bra for maximum comfort after your mammogram. You may want to opt for a sports bra or another soft bra.

3. Wear a Top That's Easy to Remove

You probably won't want to remove any more clothing than you have to, so you will probably want to skip wearing a dress or other one-piece outfit on the day of your appointment. Instead, choose a two-piece outfit so that you can easily remove your top and slip your gown on. You will probably also want to skip a top that has a lot of zippers, buttons or buckles -- you'll probably want to be able to take your top off as quickly as possible before your mammogram so that you can get started, and you probably won't want to fool with your clothing for too long after your appointment. Choosing a top that is easy to take off and put back on will help make your appointment go more smoothly.

Preparing for your mammogram is not difficult, but you will probably want to remember these three things if you want your mammogram procedure to go as easily and smoothly as possible. For more information about preparing for the procedure, contact a company like EVDI Medical Imaging.