Kids Will Be Kids: 3 Steps To Take If Your Child Has Been Hit In The Head

If your kids spend a lot of time roughhousing, you might worry about them getting injured. This is particularly true if they hit their heads during play. If your child has been hit in the head, you want to make sure they don't have a concussion before you let them get back to playing. Here are four things you should do if your child has suffered a blow to the head.

Know When It's an Emergency

If your child has been knocked unconscious after a blow to the head, you need to seek immediate medical attention. You should also seek immediate attention if your child is having a difficult time staying awake or appears to be dazed or confused. These symptoms could be the sign of a serious head injury. Call 9-11 and have your child remain lying on the ground until help can arrive. Be sure to have them hold their head as still as possible to prevent further injury.

Ask Some Basic Questions

If your child has suffered a blow to the head, but is still conscious, you'll need to make sure that they haven't suffered any cognitive damage. To do this, you should ask them a few simple questions. These questions include their name, age, and where there are. If your child can't answer those basic questions, you should notify your doctor, such as Rural Health Services Consortium Inc., as soon as possible. Be sure to let them know that your child is having a difficult time asking basic questions.

Check for Physical Symptoms

Once you've asked your child questions to check for cognitive damage, you should determine whether they're suffering from any physical symptoms from the blow to the head. If your child has suffered a severe head injury, you should begin to see physical signs shortly after the incident. Make notes of any physical changes you notice. Your notes will help ensure that you don't forget any pertinent information if you need to take your child to the doctor. Here are some symptoms you should make note of.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty with balance
  • Nausea
  • Mood swings

Children are going to suffer some bumps and bruises while they're growing up. Some bumps are more serious than others. If your child has suffered a blow to the head during playtime, you need to assess the severity of the injury as soon as possible. The information provided here will help you know what to do if your child has been hit in the head.