Visit A Drugstore Before You Move Away To College

If you're a college-bound student, you'll commonly have a lengthy to-do list that requires your attention before you move away from home. Among the tasks to complete will be a considerable amount of shopping, even if you're living in a school dorm instead of getting your own place to live. It's a good idea to plan a visit to your local drugstore, as doing so will allow you to buy a handful of items that you'll need when you move away to college. While this list can be extensive, here are some things that you'll want to focus on.

Personal Care Items

When you live at home, it's common to use your family's personal care items. Unless you're going to take your family's items with you when you move away to college, you'll need to buy your own. The list of personal care items that you should buy can be extensive. In addition to everyday toiletries, you'll also need things such as boxes of tissues, cotton swabs, skincare products, hand soap, nail trimmers, and more. You can buy each of these products at any drugstore.

Vitamins And Supplements

You'll also want to shop for some vitamins and nutritional supplements before you move away to college. When you live on your own for the first time, it's easy for your nutrition to falter to some degree. You might find yourself eating more fast food than you ate at home. In order to stay healthy, certain vitamins can be helpful for giving your body the nutrition it needs. For example, you might wish to buy a bottle of multivitamins and plan to take one vitamin daily. Nutritional supplements can also be good to buy. Protein powder and meal replacement bars can come in handy when you need something healthy during a late-night study session.

Prescription Medication

If you take any prescription medication, you'll want to ensure that you have a supply of these medications before you move away to college. While you may need to eventually find a drugstore near where you'll be living to refill any prescriptions you need in the future, it's handy to have your medication at the time you move away so that you don't need to spend time looking for a new drugstore when you're getting settled into your new place. Visit your local drugstore for these and other items in the days before your departure to college.