Three Things To Know When You Need Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be the difference between feeling like a brand new you, and living in pain for several years. It requires hard work and focus, but the results speak for themselves. If you want total-body healing and improved motor function after an injury or due to a medical condition, you need to get the help of a professional, licensed physical therapist. Let the tips below teach you what you need to know. 

#1: Recognize How Essential Physical Therapy Services Are

Physical therapy is advantageous because it rebuilds a better body in a natural way, without shortcuts. It provides true total-body healing, rather than fixing individual symptoms. Many people that get hurt would prefer to avoid surgery, if possible. Surgical procedures carry a number of risks, including infection, pneumonia, intense pain, allergic reactions, and even passing away when going under the knife.

You can avoid surgery for many injuries and pain conditions with some ongoing, intensive physical therapy. After going through physical therapy sessions, people learn a lot about their bodies and often make lifestyle changes that improve their total health.  

#2: Learn Which Physical Therapy Style and Method Is Best for Your Injury or Condition

Determine your goals for physical therapy and figure out which school of thought can accomplish them. Some physical therapy clinics function like sports medicine rehab, focusing on lots of weights, plyometrics, and agility drills. This is excellent for someone wanting to get in peak physical condition who doesn't mind pushing themselves to that extent. Other physical therapists specialize in helping patients who aren't used to exercise and physical activity. They use simple and effective exercises that provide better healing and function. 

Many physical therapists incorporate yoga sessions into their physical therapy. This is helpful, since yoga improves total-body flexibility, increases strength and endurance, allows for a better range of motion, and grows energy levels in your muscles and your body as a whole. Yoga practice focuses on deep and consistent breathing while holding positions. This increase in circulation and lung capacity puts your body in a relaxed state, which promotes good endorphins and pain relief. The stress reduction that you experience will help you heal from the trauma of injury and recovery, which also allows for healing, restorative sleep. 

#3: Do Business With a Physical Therapist That Can Make a Difference for You

Put some time into finding the physical therapist that you think can be the total package for you. Tour their facilities to know that they have plenty of space, top-notch equipment, sanitary conditions, and a comfortable place for you to spend time every week for your sessions. Expect a $25-$75 copay if you're going through your health insurance. If not, physical therapy sessions might cost $150 for each session out of pocket.

Consider these three tips when you need physical therapy.