Tips For Working With A Female Health Keynote Speaker For Your Event

As you begin planning any health and wellness event, booking and preparing for the keynote speaker is an essential task. If the main focus of your event is female health, it's important to choose someone who can bring a unique viewpoint to your gathering. Many health conditions and diseases present different symptoms and risks for women than men, so you should select a woman who can provide insight and firsthand knowledge to your audience in a compassionate way. Whether you've lined up an expert about menopause, a breast cancer survivor, or a professional nutritionist to speak at your event, here are some tips for successfully working with a female health keynote speaker.

1) Do some pre-event planning directly with the keynote speaker.

Getting fully organized ahead of time can remove any misunderstandings and ensure that the speaker meets the needs of your event. Have a few calls or meetings with the speaker beforehand to discuss what you are hoping to achieve with your event and how the speaker can help accomplish this goal. Be sure to set clear expectations of your objectives. For example, perhaps your event is marketed to women struggling with depression. Ask your keynote speaker to tailor her speech to that specific topic, such as including depression coping strategies or how to recognize the signs of depression in oneself. You may also wish to schedule an in-person meeting or dinner with the speaker right before the function for some additional time to continue building a personalized relationship to your event.  

2) Make it easy for the speaker to connect with her audience.

In order for your attendees to get the most out of your keynote speaker's speech, you can do a few things to help support the presentation. Designate some time at the end of the speech as a question and answer period. This will give the members of the audience plenty of time to clear up any confusion they may have about the specific medical topic. Consider offering a takeaway or small gift to attendees, such as a pamphlet containing a summary of the presentation. For instance, a keynote speaker who talks about how women can manage their heart disease risk could give a leaflet with heart-healthy lifestyle tips and recipes. Ultimately, the more helpful information that attendees can take home, the better they will be able to work towards their own wellness goals.

3) Don't forget about the follow-up after your event.

Once your event draws to a close, you should take some steps to follow up with attendees regarding the keynote speaker. Request that attendees complete a survey about the success of the speaker and her presentation. This data will help the speaker understand how to improve her next speech. You can also ask your speaker to write an email to send to attendees or create a follow-up video to post on social media. This is especially valuable for health and wellness events because an encouraging note can help convey an uplifting sense of empathy and inspiration to anyone who may be dealing with a medical condition.

A female health keynote speaker can bring a great wealth of knowledge and insight to attendees who wish to learn more about women's health topics. Be sure to use some of the tips above to support your keynote speaker and foster the best success for your event. Contact a female health keynote speaker for more information.