What You Can Do To Prepare For Your Gender Reveal Ultrasound

If you are excited to learn about the gender of your baby, then you can make arrangements for a gender reveal ultrasound. While the mid-pregnancy ultrasound, completed at the 18 to 21-week mark, is usually used to reveal the sex of your child, the gender can often be determined a few weeks earlier. In some cases, the child's sex can be determined around the time that you are 14 weeks pregnant. So, you can schedule a gender reveal ultrasound. Find out how to prepare for this.

Drink All The Recommended Fluid

Some ultrasounds require you to drink water beforehand, while others do not. And, if you are opting for the earlier gender reveal imaging, then you will likely need to drink some water beforehand. Quite a bit of water must be consumed, so do not be surprised if you are asked to drink between about 20 to 24 ounces of water. And, you want to drink this water no sooner than your technician or doctor recommends. This helps to ensure a full bladder while reducing a stressful urge to use the restroom before the ultrasound.

A full bladder does a few things. It helps to lift up the uterus a small amount so it is easier to see the baby. This is necessary when your child is still quite small and the uterus sits lower in the abdomen. It also provides fluid so that the sound images can bounce around easier so that images are clear and easier for the technician to interpret.

If your bladder is full during the ultrasound, make sure to position yourself on the exam table so you are comfortable. A gently inclined lying position is helpful for this.

Be Prepared To Shift Around

It can sometimes be difficult to clearly identify the sex of a baby at an early gestational age. For this reason, the ultrasound technician will need a clear image of the genital region. This depends on the position of the baby in the uterus. However, repositioning your body can assist with clear and angled images that best reveal the sex of your child. So, you may need to shift your body and lie on your side or back during the ultrasound. 

Prepare for moving around by wearing comfortable clothing that makes it easy for you to shift your body. Also, bring one or several small pillows with you that help to support your back, knees, and head during the imaging.

Speak with your doctor or ultrasound technician to learn more about the gender reveal ultrasound.