5 Creative Ways To Make Your Headstone More Reflective Of Your Personal Spirituality

Once you have made the arrangements for your funeral service with a pre-planning agent, you will be faced with adding the finishing touches to your end-of-life arrangements, including the investment in your headstone. One thing that often gets disregarded in all of this is the headstone. Headstones are often thought of as dull and boring grave markers, but modern technology in design allows for headstones to be just about as creative as you like. If you would like your headstone to be reflective of your spiritual personality, there are a few ways you can give this cemetery stone a spiritual touch.

Add a favorite spiritual quote, verse, or scripture to the stone.

When you go to order a headstone for your grave plot, you will be given the opportunity to have the stone personalized with your name and birthday, but you will also be given the opportunity to have a message inscribed if the stone is large enough. Therefore, you have the chance to add a spiritual quote, verse, or scripture that perfectly reflects your ideas of faith and religion.

Have the stone formed to look like a specific spiritual figure or symbol.

As long as the cemetery where you plan to be buried has no regulations about the type of stone you choose, you can have your headstone shaped in a lot of different ways. Nothing makes a spiritual, faith-filled statement like a stately figure or symbol standing among the ordinary tombstones in a burial place.You could go with a headstone shaped as a figure, such as a spiritual animal like a peacock which symbolizes eternal life or a swallow that stands for motherhood. Or, you could opt for a headstone that is shaped into a specific symbol like a cross or star.

Forego the traditional headstone for something more relative to your faith.

If you have spent your life living as a minimalist who is as kind to the environment as possible, erecting a foreign stone to mark your burial plot may not be an idea you appreciate. In some situations such as these, a headstone to mark your burial spot may not quite fit your own spiritual ideas. You can just as easily have your burial spot marked with something more natural if you prefer as long as the cemetery has no qualms about the idea. For example, you could have your plot marked by only a small tree or low height shrub.