3 Features You Can Customize In Your X Ray System

X-rays are common features in many different doctor's offices and hospitals. However, one size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to x-rays. Some hospitals may need different equipment than doctor's offices. It's important that you make sure that your x-ray system perfectly meets your needs, or else it will not be effective. Look at these three features that you can customize in your x-ray system and find the customization options that are right for you.

1. The Table

An x-ray table is one of the most important parts of the x-ray system itself because it provides support for the patient when they need to have their x-ray taken. All tables sold by x-ray sales companies will be safe to use under an x-ray for prolonged periods of time. However, the size will always be different. Pediatric offices will find it much more helpful to have a smaller x-ray table in order to make their patients, children, feel at home.

Doctors that specialize in weight loss and obesity and diabetes management may want to purchase a larger table in order to accommodate plus-size patients effectively. If the correctly sized tables are not purchased, then patients will feel anxious and are more likely to make the x-ray process take longer.

2. The X-Ray Controller

An x-ray controller is also important in order to improve the efficiency of your x-ray process. If you work in an orthopedic surgeon's office and will be using the x-ray primarily to find breaks in a person's bones, then your x-ray controller can be simplified. It is possible to simplify an x-ray controller in order to make sure that anyone using it will be able to find the necessary specifications and controls in a very short period of time, even if they are not totally familiar with your particular x-ray controller.

This will speed up your x-ray process because the person operating the machinery will not have to spend as long trying to figure out exactly what controls are necessary.

3. The X-Ray Tube

The x-ray tube can show very important information, from the level of intensity of the x-rays to the patient's vital signs. The precise information that the tube displays is up to the doctor's office or hospital that is using the machinery. You can determine which set of information would be more helpful to your practice and order you x-ray tube accordingly.

For more information about customization options, talk to a company that provides x-ray sales and services.