Pros And Cons Of Getting Liposuction

If you have been trying to lose weight, but have some stubborn fat hanging around your thighs, abdomen, or love handles, liposuction can help you get rid of that fat and contour your body. Liposuction is a safe and effective treatment that includes multiple methods, from traditional liposuction to ultrasound-assisted and laser methods. Here are some of the pros and cons of liposuction to better help you decide if it is the right path for you.

Pro: You Get Almost Immediate Results

With liposuction, there will be some mild swelling after the procedure, but the results show up very quickly. You will most likely be wrapped up after the procedure, but within days, you notice the difference and start to feel normal again. Keep in mind you will have a little bruising, but this goes away quickly. You will already notice that your body is thinner and your shape is closer to how you want it.

Con: It is Not a Weight Loss Solution

While liposuction can help get rid of a small amount of unwanted fat, it is not a weight-loss solution. It should never be used as an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise. If you have a large amount of weight to lose, surgeons won't even do liposuction. You really need to work on losing weight first, then opt for liposuction if those last ten pounds just won't come off, no matter how hard you try.

Pro: New Methods Are Minimally Invasive

All methods of liposuction are considered safe, but the newer methods are minimally invasive. One of the best ways to perform liposuction is with laser technology. This will use low-energy waves that help to liquefy the stubborn fat your body insists on holding on to. This liquefied fat is then removed through a small cannula. It tends to be easier on your body, with less bruising and less discomfort following the procedure.

Con: You May Have Loose Skin

One of the drawbacks of liposuction is that you might be dealing with some loose skin in the areas where you had it performed. Any form of rapid weight loss, including liposuction, can cause your skin to appear loose. When you are losing weight with diet and exercise, the skin has time to adjust its elasticity. However, liposuction is such a rapid change, your skin doesn't have proper time to adjust.

Pro: Results Last a Long Time With Regular Maintenance

Liposuction permanently removes fat and fat cells from different areas of your body. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, including eating a low-fat diet and exercising regularly, that fat will not return. If you go back to eating poorly, liposuction won't be a permanent solution and you may need to have it done again. Be sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stick to your diet even after getting liposuction. Speak with experts like Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center for more information.