When Attending Court-Mandated Drug Treatment, Make Sure To Follow These Steps

When you find yourself in trouble with the law as a result of your drug use, one way to prevent being behind bars is to attend a court-mandated drug treatment program. In many cases, your ability to successfully complete the treatment program will result in your drug charges being dropped. Conversely, failing to complete the program could result in you going to jail. Given this situation, it's imperative that you take the treatment program seriously and use this time as an opportunity to get clean. [Read More]

Diagnosing & Understanding Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a health condition that affects women, often without them even knowing it. The condition causes lining typically found inside the uterus to begin growing outside the uterus. They act much like the lining of the uterus, growing thicker as the menstrual cycle progresses. This can cause intense pain or the formation of cysts or scar tissue. Fortunately, ultrasounds and other techniques can be used to diagnose endometriosis so that it can be treated. [Read More]

3 Simple Solutions To Diminish Crow's Feet

Age is a natural part of life. You probably expect a few gray hairs and slight aches and pain in your joints, but you most likely are not prepared for the development of fine lines and wrinkles across your face. These slight imperfections are not life-threatening, but they can affect your appearance and self-esteem. Crow's feet are one of the most popular complaints made to dermatologists, so understanding these fine lines around the eyes is helpful. [Read More]

Three Conditions That May Cause Your Ringing In Your Ears

If you've recently noticed a ringing sound in your ears, you're undoubtedly wondering what may be causing it. This condition is commonly called tinnitus and has several different causes. However, tinnitus is a symptom of underlying conditions rather than a disease in its own right, so it's important to locate and treat the root cause in order to alleviate it. Following are just three of the many reasons why your ears may be ringing. [Read More]