How To Choose A Pediatrician

Babies are delicate, and their arrival presents various health challenges for parents. Newborns are susceptible to multiple infections since their immune system is weak and cannot fight the parasites, bacteria, and viruses that cause diseases. Pediatricians address these healthcare needs, allowing you to have peace of mind. You can choose a pediatrician a few weeks before your due date, and you need to select the right one. This article provides a few tips that should help you choose the right pediatrician for your child. [Read More]

What Happens During a Visual Processing Exam?

A visual processing exam is used to help identify visual processing disorders. These disorders, which are commonly diagnosed in children, can impact one's ability to identify relationships, direction, and movements.  Often, visual processing disorders can contribute to a learning disorder or the appearance that something else is wrong. If you choose to bring your child to a visual processing exam, here's what may happen.  Test of Eye Focus  One of the focus areas on a visual processing exam will be an assessment of how your eyes focus. [Read More]

The Spouse's Role In Substance Abuse Recovery

Some people assume that the road to substance abuse recovery is traveled alone. Yet, for married couples, long-term success involves a joint venture. If you have a spouse who is considering substance abuse treatment or is in the process of this journey — you must know how to be a productive member of the recovery team. Stay Committed to the Goal It is important to always keep your mind focused on the goal of the treatment program, which is recovery. [Read More]

Three Common Symptoms That Your Doctor Wished You Saw Them About

Most people would like to think they are pretty proactive about their health. From exercising regularly to watching what they eat, and even taking supplements here and there, there are so many ways in which you can practice good home health care in your daily life. However, sometimes it is unavoidable that you need an expert opinion, and many people try to put this off for one reason or another. A big factor in not going to see the doctor is because you just assume it is not a big deal, even though the symptom might be much more serious than you realize. [Read More]