FAQ About Getting Treated At A Functional Medicine Clinic

Have you been dealing with the same health problems throughout your life and undergoing the same type of treatment to control the symptoms? The reason you are still struggling with your health problems might be due to the symptoms being controlled rather than something being done to stop symptoms altogether. For example, if you have been going to a medical clinic that practices conventional medicine, it is common for only the symptoms to be treated, in most cases. You want to visit a clinic that takes a more holistic and thorough approach to treating patients. Visiting a functional medicine clinic could be the beginning of a future with fewer health problems than you have been experiencing. 

Why Should Functional Medicine Be Considered?

Functional medicine should be considered because attention will be placed on your specific body and health. Rather than taking a treatment approach that is commonly used for the types of health problems you have, your treatment will be personalized. For example, if you are suffering from an irregular heartbeat, a doctor practicing functional medicine will treat the root of the problem rather than assuming you have or are at risk for heart disease. The root of the problem could be related to past trauma, depression, your lifestyle, or even your sleeping habits.

What Is an Example of Functional Medicine Treatment?

Using an irregular heartbeat in the scenario above as an example, treatment might involve confronting past trauma via various therapy methods. As you are going through therapy, you might be placed on a holistic treatment plan to keep your heartbeat under control while overcoming the past trauma. For example, if trauma has kept you in a state of depression, treatment might involve becoming more social, getting enough sleep, or listening to calming music. If you follow the holistic treatment plan, it will eventually lead to a more regular heartbeat unless the root of the problem is more serious. Making an appointment for an examination is the best way to find out how functional medicine can treat your specific health problems.

Is Functional Medicine an Expensive Option?

Due to functional medicine placing a focus on getting to the root of health problems rather than covering symptoms with medicine, you will save money in the long run. The reason is due to the chance of being relieved from your health problems altogether rather than having to spend money on treatment for the rest of your life. The severity and treatment methods used for your health problems will determine how much treatment at a functional medicine clinic will cost.  

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