The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Teens

Chiropractic care is often seen as a treatment for older adults who have aches, pains, and old injuries. But in actuality, chiropractic care knows no age boundaries. It's beneficial for young and old alike. In fact, there are a few very distinct benefits of chiropractic care for teenagers.

It keeps the joints aligned as they grow

The teenage years are the years of growth spurts! This rapid growth has the potential to pull joints out of alignment if the muscles grow faster than the bones and tendons or vice versa. Regular visits to the chiropractor will help keep those joints in alignment, which will help reduce pain and strains. This may also help encourage more equal, balanced growth to avoid problems like scoliosis later on.

It helps prevent athletic injuries

Teenagers are active! Many play school sports, and those who do not play school sports still tend to run, jump, and play with their friends quite a lot. Chiropractic adjustments to keep the spine in alignment help ensure your teen is landing evenly on both legs when they're running and balancing evenly with both arms when participating in sports that demand such. This reduces their risk of injury. (A lot of overuse injuries, in particular, arise because the teen is favoring one side of the body over the other, often due to a spinal misalignment.)

It keeps the immune system strong

Sure, most teens are generally healthy and can fight off the common cold or the flu if they do become ill. However, becoming sick and having to miss school is not good for them academically at this stage. Chiropractic adjustments can help keep the immune system strong by alleviating spinal pressure on nerves related to the immune system. Your child may become ill less often, and they may recover faster when they do become ill.

It counteracts the effects of texting

Arguably, all generations have the tendency to spend too much time on their phones, but teens are particularly likely to spend hours looking at their smartphones, whether to text friends or watch videos. This can lead to a condition known as text neck, which causes neck pain and headaches. A chiropractic adjustment can realign the bones in the neck to help counteract this condition.

Teenagers are growing and changing rapidly, and it's important to take good care of their health during this time of growth and change. Chiropractic services can be a helpful element of that care.