Setting Up Wellness Clinic IV Stations

Wellness centers concentrate on a lot of different areas of bodily wellness. Wellness such as weight loss, body wraps, and vitamin infusions are often offered by new age wellness clinics. If you are setting up your own wellness clinic and you want to offer vitamin infusions, you will need to have the proper equipment to make this happen. Along with having train technicians and staff, you will need to have the right infusion and pump stations. Here is how you should set up your IV stations at your wellness clinic. 

Get a smart pump

Smart IV pumps will make it easier to provide infusions to customers. Smart pumps have the ability to start and stop on their own once they are loaded. The pump itself can also give feedback on how much is left and how much is still to go in an infusion. When it comes to vitamins, it is necessary to know how much to give, so that the customer does not receive an overdose. Load the appropriate amount of milligrams in accordance with the person's weight and wellness program method in order to have the smart pump provide the right dosage. 

Invest in proper lounge chairs

Along with a vitamin infusion, customers may want to avail themselves to other types of services. These may be body wraps, weight loss foods and drinks, and other types of spa services that you may offer. Set up lounge chairs with electronic controls that allow the customers to lean back or sit up easily. This will permit nutritionists to come and talk to them or other wellness center employees to recline them in order to set up for other services. Leather chairs or chairs made of non-porous materials that are easy to clean off after each client. 

Put up divider walls

Patient privacy is very important for any type of clinic setting. When your customers are receiving wellness treatments they will need to speak with the professionals at your clinic about their particular course of treatment. Accordion divider walls that can be pulled out as necessary make a perfect addition to the wellness clinic. This will allow the health professional to pull out the divider to talk about treatment, the person's wellness report card, and any other intimate information that needs to be gone over. The dividers can be pushed back when friends or family members wish to share a space or when the patients in the clinic would prefer to feel social.