3 Benefits Of The Advocare One/80 Diet

Weight loss and fitness are popular topics, primarily because it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off indefinitely. If you have tried several diets in the past and were not successful, you might want to try the Advocare One/80 diet and see if it works for your goals.

Structured Plan

Advocare One/80 is a program that is structured enough to guide you through your transformation but has enough flexibility in your diet, so you do not feel deprived. This will set you up to develop changes that can last a lifetime. The program is divided into three phases over the course of 80 days. During the first, Jumpstart phase, you start with a cleanse to prepare your body for the rest of the journey. The Jumpstart phase also includes a two-week period where you begin supplementing your nutrition and learning more about incorporating a balanced, healthy diet. 

Next is the Optimize phase, during this time, you take the same supplements and continue with your diet and exercise regimen. There is little change during this period unless you need dietary or exercise modifications to help you reach your goals. The last phase is Lifestyle, where you are focused on turning your changes into a lifestyle.

No Crash Diets

One of the major criticisms of many diets on the market is they are nothing more than fad diets. There will always be new, popular diets that promise losing significant weight in a short time by eating in a way that is overly-restrictive and exercising obsessively. Of course, any diet works if you stick with it, but these diets rarely promote small changes that can turn into a better lifestyle.

Fortunately, the main goal of Advocare One/80 is to set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle that does not involve crash diets, insane exercise programs, or other behaviors that are not sustainable. The program also includes various tools to help you on your journey, such as supplements, so you have the right nutrition, and meal replacement shakes that are designed to complement your weight loss goals.


In addition to the program materials, you also have online support. For example, you can receive coaching emails when you start the program, which can help you stay motivated and on-track. Other helpful resources include grocery guides, tips on tracking your progress in measurements and pictures, and competitions against others who are using the program. For some people, the idea of competing against other people on the program can be a source of motivation. Even if you are not a competitive person, taking full-body pictures of yourself regularly are not only a way to see progress, but they can keep you pushing toward your ultimate goal.

There will never be a single diet plan that works for everyone, but trying one that encourages long-term lifestyle changes is a start. If you are ready for a different approach to weight loss, AdvoCare One/80 might be right for you.