8 Tips For Better Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Any kind of surgery can leave you a bit wary, even if it is one that you have been looking forward to. You may be excited for your upcoming breast augmentation, but this does not mean you aren't a bit nervous too. For many women, recovery is the biggest challenge of this type of operation. These tips will help you prepare for recovery and the healing process after you undergo surgery.

1. Post-Op Massages Are Important

In the first few weeks, your surgeon will direct you to perform certain types of massage movements on your breasts. This is designed to prevent scar tissue from finding root. These massages are essential for encouraging the healing process and may feel slightly painful at first.

2. Be Prepared to Take Some Time Off

It takes several weeks to fully recover from breast augmentation. If you do not have a physical job, you may be eligible to return to work sooner than you are allowed to exercise or lift heavy items.

3. Closely Follow Your Surgeon's Instructions

Your surgeon sees breast augmentation surgery patients on an ongoing basis, so you should be able to trust what he or she says about recovery. Make sure that you follow all instructions given by your surgeon and express concerns early on if you have any.

4. Do Not Strain Yourself

There is a reason surgeons advise against lifting heavy items, even children, during the first few weeks after recovery. You may injure yourself or delay the healing process by picking up heavy items.

5. Don't Smoke

If you smoke, your surgeon will likely recommend that you stop before you have the surgery. Smoking tobacco can interfere with the healing process.

6. Wear a Bra for Support

Talk to your surgeon about what kind of bra you should be wearing after surgery. In some cases, the surgeon will have bras or at least an idea of what kind of bra you should bring in on the day of your surgery.

7. Your Surgeon Matters

The surgeon you choose will make a big difference in your recovery, as the quality of the surgery can impact your healing process. Make sure to do your research ahead of time.

8. Look for Signs of Infection

Signs of infection include flu-like symptoms and changing color around the site of the surgery. If you feel ill, make sure to talk to your surgeon right away.

Recovering from breast augmentation takes several weeks, but healing occurs in stages. If you have any questions about recovery after your operation, get in touch with your doctor, like Mansfield Plastic Surgery LLC, right away.