Two Tips For Washing Your Athletic Brace

Athletic braces can be essential for allowing you to safely enjoy your favorite activities. However, these devices are made of cloth and other materials that can accumulate foul odors, and this is especially true when it is used in an intensive athletic event. Luckily, it is possible for you to wash these devices to remove these odors and restore them to their original condition.

These are extremely expensive devices, and it is important for you to follow a couple of tips to ensure that you do not accidentally cause damage to it while washing it:

Avoid Using Detergent To Wash Your Brace

There are many people that may assume they can simply use their normal laundry detergent when washing an athletic brace,and while this may not seem like it would be a major mistake, it can actually result in heavy damage to the brace. This occurs because these detergents contain chemicals that can weaken the fibers in the brace, and this can make it ineffective at supporting the joint. 

Instead of using detergent, you should rely on handing washing the brace with dish soap to remove any dirt and grime from the fabric. Also, this type of cleaner is excellent at odor neutralization, and this is one of the most common issues with athletic supports. 

Lubricate Any Metal Components

There are many of these devices that utilize metal rods and joints to help support the joint while also retaining the full range of movement. Following a washing, it is essential for you to dry these metal components and coat them with lubricant. Washing can remove any lubricant that was in place before, and this will expose the metal to a far higher risk of developing corrosion. 

The best lubricant for your brace will depend on the manufacturer, and for this reason, you should always check the owner' s manual before applying a lubricant. Using the wrong one can also cause problems because if the metal is overly lubricated, it might not be able to function as it was designed. 

There are many problems that your joints can encounter when you are playing a sport, and for this reason, many people wear braces to mitigate this threat. However, you will likely sweat a great during this activity, which can lead to problems for your brace.

By understanding the importance of avoiding the use of laundry detergent for this task and the need to lubricate the brace following the washing, you can make sure that you brace is always clean without shortening the usable life of it. To learn more, contact a company like Parkwood Street Road Pharmacy with any questions or concerns you have.