Strained Or Injured Back? Natural Healing With Physical Therapy

If you had a back injury a while ago and your back has never fully recovered, you want to talk with your physician about using physical therapy to treat the pain. The pain that you're feeling could be related to the weakening of your muscles while you took it easy on your back.

The pain could also be from the strain your surrounding muscles experienced trying to support the injury. Here are a few things you want to consider. Here are a few ways therapy can help.

Strengthen and Support

In rehabilitation therapy you'll gradually strengthen the muscles in your back, to reduce feeling fatigued and pained. You are going to strengthen the area of injury, and the areas around the injury, taking pressure off the entire back. You need to strengthen your entire body, including the core, legs, and shoulders to help take pressure off your back also. The therapists can help you gain strength, without re-injuring the area.

Learn How to Lift and Move

The way that you lift items, move to pick something up, or perform certain exercises could be triggering your inflammation or problems. You could have poor posture that is triggering your back pain, or preventing your injury from healing. Your posture could also be causing new problems.

Get Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can help the body in a variety of ways. It can help release tension from the muscles, and it helps with blood circulation at the area of injury. Improving circulation will help bring fresh blood to the tissues, which can help heal the injury more quickly. It's going to help you get relief from the chronic pain you've been feeling throughout all areas of your body.

Check Your Support

Check to make sure you are wearing the right shoes, and that you are sleeping on a mattress that is supportive. Your physician may recommend that you wear insoles, and your physical therapist may have recommendations for seating at a desk or at home throughout the day.

If your back injury isn't healing at all and you're tired of taking medication every day to try to treat your pain, you'll want to talk to your physician about trying physical therapy (from professionals such as Holly Heights Nursing Home). Physical therapy is a great natural way to heal the problems that you're having, and you may find that your entire body is stronger and more reliable after you have finished your therapy program.