Your Face Shape Matters When Selecting The Right Pair Of Eyeglasses

When you choose a hairstyle, it is recommended that you take into account the shape of your face. After all, the right hairstyle can really enhance your face's shape, but the wrong style can cause your face to look fatter, longer, etc.—the exact opposite of what you actually want. The same can be said about eyeglasses. Keep reading to learn how to determine the shape of your face and what type of eyeglasses are best suited for different face shapes.

What Shape Face Do You Have?

To determine your face shape, you need to get in front of a mirror and ask yourself the following:

  • Round Face – Is your face as long as it is wide with soft, clean lines?
  • Heart-Shaped Face – Is your face a bit broader at the forehead and temple, but narrower at the jawline and chin? Do you also have high cheekbones?
  • Oval Face – Do your jawlines and forehead curve with the forehead just a bit wider? Do you have a long face and high cheekbones?
  • Square Face – Is your forehead roughly the same length as your jawline? Are your cheekbones wide?

If you are still having trouble determining your face shape, an optician can help you. Your face shape is important when deciding what pair of eyeglasses you should purchase.

How to Create Contrast With Eyeglasses

  • Round Faces – The best way to create contrast with your round face is to choose a frames that are rectangular shaped. They help to create an illusion of a thinner and longer face. Choose frames that are dark and bold for extra accentuation.
  • Heart-Shaped Faces – You want to choose a pair of glasses that are light and airy. Therefore, rimless eyeglasses are your best choice. You can also balance your face by choosing a pair of glasses with wider lenses or colored rims at the bottom.
  • Oval Faces – You are the lucky one if you have an oval face because just about any pair of eyeglasses will work. This is because your face is balanced naturally. You just want to make sure that you don't choose a pair of glasses that are too small or too large. You should also opt for glasses with wider frames, which means rectangular-shaped eyeglasses are a good choice.
  • Square Faces – Because your face is the shape of a square, you need to add some curves and dimension to your face. This can be done with the right shape of lenses, such as oval or round shapes. You should go for lighter-colored rims rather than bold-colored rims for the softness that the light color brings to your face. Frames with no rims can also work well.

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