Hyaluronic Lip Injections Give You Plumper Lips That Last For Several Months

If you have thin lips but wish they were thicker, you may have tried plumping creams with limited results. If you want plump lips that last for months, you need lip injections rather than a cream. Hyaluronic acid is a common filler used for the lips. Here's how these lip injections work.

You Choose How You Want Your Lips To Look

You can use hyaluronic lip injections in different ways. If your lips are not symmetrical, you might need injections on one side only. You might want the injections in only your upper or lower lip to even out the sizes. However, you can also get injections in both lips, and you can get the amount you want.

If you're used to cosmetic procedures and you want a dramatic look, you may want much plumper lips than if you've never changed your look before. You might want to start small and return for more filler if you decide you want more.

The Plumpness Gradually Wears Off

Hyaluronic acid is gradually absorbed by your body and your lips will return to their original shape unless you get additional treatments. Your doctor or esthetician will let you know when you should schedule maintenance injections. If you like your lips really plump, you may need the injections more often than if you just want slight plumping. Either way, the effects should last for several months.

Hyaluronic Acid Is A Safe Substance

Hyaluronic acid is used in facial fillers and knee injections for arthritis. It's also used in moisturizers and serums. You can even take hyaluronic supplements orally. The substance has a long history of safe use, so you don't have to worry about your body absorbing it.

Another good thing about hyaluronic acid is that it can be reversed. If your lips look too plump and you can't get used to how you look, the acid can be dissolved with an enzyme injection. That removes the risk of you having to live with lips you don't like for months until the filler wears off.

You Don't Have To Worry About Pain

You might be afraid of lip injections because getting injections in your lips sounds painful. However, you'll be numbed before the injections are given so you won't feel pain at all. Some brands of hyaluronic filler even have an anesthetic mixed with the hyaluronic acid to increase your comfort.

Once the anesthetic wears off, your lips shouldn't feel too painful. However, there may be some discomfort at the injection sites, swelling, redness, bruising, and itching. For that reason, you may want to get your lip injections done a couple of weeks before a big event so your lips will be healed and beautiful.