Important Things To Know About Ketamine Treatments

You might have heard of ketamine at some point or another, but you might have never undergone ketamine treatments. You might not know much about these treatments, but your doctor might have mentioned them to you. It's definitely worth looking into ketamine treatments with the help of your doctor, but you will definitely need to educate yourself before trying this type of treatment. These are some of the important things that you're probably going to want to know before trying these treatments.

It's Used to Treat Depression

Although there are some limited other things that ketamine is used to treat, the primary thing that it's used for is to treat depression and suicidal thoughts. If you have been suffering from depression, it's important for you to seek help. In many cases, many people find that they get the best results from both counseling and using medication-related treatments. This is where ketamine can come into play. Ketamine is also sometimes used to treat people for pain.

Other Treatments Are Usually Tried First

Typically, ketamine is not the first medication that is tried when someone is suffering from depression. Instead, other depression medications are typically tried first, and your doctor will probably expect you to stick to other medications for a certain period of time to see if they provide results. If you have tried multiple depression medications but still feel depressed, though, you should not hesitate to ask your doctor about ketamine.

Insurance Does Sometimes Pay For It

If you have health insurance, you will probably be happy to know that insurance does often cover ketamine treatments. However, you should know that your options for treatments will probably be limited if you're counting on your health insurance to cover it. For example, some health insurance companies will only cover the nasal spray form of ketamine treatments, and naturally, they will only cover the cost if it is prescribed by your physician.

It's Important to Work With Your Doctor

If you do decide that you want to try ketamine treatments, it's important for you to work with your doctor each step of the way. There are strict laws about ketamine possession and use, and you don't want to accidentally violate the law. Additionally, ketamine can be addictive and can have negative side effects, so your doctor will need to keep an eye on you, and you will need to follow their instructions to use ketamine in a safe and effective manner.

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