What Happens During a Visual Processing Exam?

A visual processing exam is used to help identify visual processing disorders. These disorders, which are commonly diagnosed in children, can impact one's ability to identify relationships, direction, and movements. 

Often, visual processing disorders can contribute to a learning disorder or the appearance that something else is wrong. If you choose to bring your child to a visual processing exam, here's what may happen. 

Test of Eye Focus 

One of the focus areas on a visual processing exam will be an assessment of how your eyes focus. Some people struggle to have their eyes focus on something in particular, which can make it much more difficult to take in the details of an image. 

Test of Eye Teaming

Your eyes work together to help your brain process what you are looking at. When your eyes do not make a great team, you may struggle to have an accurate depiction of an image. This can cause your brain to interpret things incorrectly. 

Test of Tracking 

Your eyes also need to be able to track moving objects. When your eyes struggle to track, it can make inaccurate assessments of things that are in motion. This can be a quick physical examination using tools where the tester watches the child's eye movements following different items. 

Test of Depth Perception 

Many people struggle to make accurate perceptions of depth. This can be the result of your eyes not working together well or your brain not absorbing depth correctly, which can lead to physical injury if it is not addressed. Assessment can help determine if your child is able to make accurate assessments about where things are in relation to their own bodies. 

Other Visual Perception Tests 

When it comes to things like letters and images, accurate perceptions can be difficult for some people. There are a few tests available to help spot this issue, which is often spotted right away when children are learning to read or write at school. 

For example, the tester may use a test to see how your child processes images. Another test will examine the way your child understands the orientation and directions of common characters. 

Schedule a Visual Processing Exam 

A visual processing exam can provide a lot of information about your child's ability to process information and learn. If you suspect your child may benefit from a treatment program, now is a great time to schedule an exam.