Why Do People Choose Dental Implants?

Dentists do everything possible to preserve your teeth and prevent extractions. However, sometimes tooth decay is extensive, to a degree that means a tooth extraction is required. Teeth can also be displaced by injury or trauma, and sometimes it's impossible to reattach them. If you're missing one or more teeth, your dentist will present you with several options. You can choose to have dental implants placed, or you can opt for dentures or dental bridges. Here are a few reasons people decide to get dental implants to replace their missing teeth:

1. Never worry about denture upkeep.

Dentures are a common option for replacing missing teeth. While dentures have the advantage of being completely noninvasive, they do have several drawbacks as well. Dentures must be removed at the end of every day. They must be kept moist at all times in order to prevent cracking and warping, which means you'll have to store your dentures in water or denture-cleaning solution at night. You'll also have to apply a messy adhesive to keep most types of dentures in your mouth. Dental implants can be treated like your ordinary teeth, which means no additional steps will be required.

2. Prevent bone loss.

Bone loss is a serious problem that becomes more likely as you get older. Your jawbone is just as susceptible to bone loss as any other part of your body. In order to stay healthy and strong, your jawbone relies on the pressure provided from daily activities such as chewing. If you're missing teeth, you will no longer be able to chew using that part of your mouth. Over time, this lack of pressure can lead to bone erosion. Timely installation of dental implants can keep your jawbone strong.

3. Smile confidently.

Tooth loss can be hard on your confidence, especially if one or more of your front teeth are missing. When the procedure is completed, dental implants are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. A metal implant is placed through your gums into your jawbone, and a porcelain prosthetic tooth is attached using an abutment. Porcelain closely mimics the look and feel of real teeth, while providing excellent durability. After you get dental implants, you will be able to smile with pride.

These are three reasons that people choose dental implants to replace their missing teeth. If you're trying to make a choice about the best tooth replacement method, you should consider dental implants as an option, especially if these benefits sound attractive to you.