Are You Raising Kids And Caring For An Aging Parent? 3 Tips To Keep Up With Everyone's Healthcare Needs

Today's modern family sometimes defies definition. While you knew that life as a parent and caregiver would keep you busy, you might not have bargained for the sheer amount of doctor visits that you attend as you juggle multiple roles. From going to those well-child checkups to managing your senior parent's health conditions, your to-do list may be filled to the brim with appointments. Fortunately, you can manage to keep up with everyone's health while also taking care of yours by using these simple healthcare management strategies in your household.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Practices

A little bit of self-care goes a long way toward preventing those sick care appointments at your loved one's primary care physician. However, your family may need a little motivation to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. Consider proclaiming one night a week to be Family Exercise Night, and plan fun activities that get everyone moving such as a hike or bowling. Or set up a chart to determine who washes their hands before dinner every day for a week. Turning healthy lifestyle practices into a game helps get everyone involved in preventing illnesses.

Visit a Family Medical Practice

Physicians who practice family medicine undergo training and educational experiences that allow them to treat people of all ages. Consider arranging for everyone to visit the same medical practice so that you can minimize how much time you spend running from one place to another. Seeing the same physician can also provide your family with the benefit of continuity in your care since this can help identify potential health risks associated with your family history.

Establish a Calendar and Communication System

At times, it can seem as though a large family just means more appointments that you can forget. Help yourself keep track of it all by setting up a reminder system for upcoming appointments. For example, you can add appointments to your smartphone calendar app and set reminders to come as texts within a specific period of time before you are due to see the family physician. Many of these apps also allow you to share calendar notes with other people, which makes it a handy way to quickly send your teenager or elderly parent a text to remind them about an upcoming appointment.

When everyone depends upon you for their health care needs, it can sometimes feel like you live at the doctor's office. However, there are things that you can do to minimize stress and get everyone involved in managing their health. By implementing healthy lifestyle practices and streamlining appointments, you can look forward to simplifying your current family healthcare routine.

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