When Attending Court-Mandated Drug Treatment, Make Sure To Follow These Steps

When you find yourself in trouble with the law as a result of your drug use, one way to prevent being behind bars is to attend a court-mandated drug treatment program. In many cases, your ability to successfully complete the treatment program will result in your drug charges being dropped. Conversely, failing to complete the program could result in you going to jail. Given this situation, it's imperative that you take the treatment program seriously and use this time as an opportunity to get clean. Here are some steps that you'll want to follow:

Achieve Perfect Attendance

In addition to actually completing the treatment program, the court's mandate may also be that your attendance has to be perfect. This might be easier if you're in a residential program, but could potentially be a challenge if you have to travel each day to the program. If the latter is the case, make sure that you have reliable people around you who can help you get to the treatment facility on time each day. You may also need to have an attendance form signed by a drug counselor daily, so ensure that you're on top of this task, too.

Check In With Your Probation Officer

Depending on factors such as the nature of the charges against you and your criminal history, you may also be on probation. Checking in with your probation officer is always important, but if the court has stipulated that you need to do so after each drug treatment session, make sure that you do so. When the court is evaluating your progress at the completion of the treatment program, your probation officer will certainly be called to indicate how often you were in touch. Making sure that you're perfect in this regard helps your chances of having your drug charges dropped.

Give Urine When Scheduled

In many cases, the court will also mandate that you provide urine samples at scheduled and even random times to prove that you're not using drugs. Skipping one of these tests could potentially cause you to go to jail, so it's imperative that you know when each test will take place and provide a sample whenever necessary. If you're struggling at any point, remember that a relapse will result in a failed drug test and more trouble with the law. Your drug treatment center is filled with caring and knowledgeable counselors, so reach out to them when you need support.

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