Coloring For Seniors With Failing Health

Do you have a relative who is a senior with failing health? If so, they may not be as active as they were in their younger years. Perhaps they spend much of their time at home doing mundane activities such as watching television. Your relative could benefit from using coloring as a therapeutic activity even if some of their health issues are related to mental decline. The following are some of the health benefits your relative may experience.

Enjoyable Pastime

Your loved one likely grew up participating in activities that are much different from the technology-laden times of today. Trying to teach them to use certain types of technology for entertainment may be confusing to them, and they may not even be interested. However, coloring is an activity that is appropriate for all ages, and your relative likely has used a coloring book at some point in their lives. 

Enhanced Mood

Coloring may enhance your relative's mood and relieve them of feelings of anxiety. If their health is causing them to feel depressed, the activity can be therapeutic and shift their mood for the better. For example, coloring a page or two from a coloring book may give your relative the feeling a sense of accomplishment and independence. If your relative has issues with their hands due to ailments such as arthritis, you may want to consider letting them use larger crayons to reduce the chances of them becoming frustrated. 

Improved Coordination and Focus

Perhaps your relative is having issues with coordination. Coloring is an activity that can improve hand and eye coordination. Worries about health can cause people to wonder relentlessly and leave some activities half completed. Encouraging your loved one to complete a page from their book regularly may help them to focus on completing one activity at a time. Seniors in physical therapy may have additional options to help with their coordination and focus.

Social Contentment

Coloring is an activity that can help seniors to fill in gaps in their day where they may spend some moments alone due to family members working. It is also an activity that can be enjoyed when others are present, which can improve social interactions.

An assisted living service that offers in-home supervision is a good resource to use for seniors with failing health who do not reside in a facility. They may be able to get your relative involved in additional enriching activities as well as safely provide transportation so that your relative is not always at home. Contact a business, such as In Your Home Care, for more information.